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Ticket Subject: Voice interconnect to Global Crossing down

Ticket No           : 00015
Ticket Status       : Open
Ticket Source       : Aled Treharne
Ticket Opened       : 13:57 11-May-2009
Ticket Closed       :
Outage Start Time   : 13:50 11-May-2009
Outage End Time     :
Length of outage    :
Cause of outage     : Possible fibre fault
Reported by         : Monitoring


        Our monitoring systems have alerted us that we have lost
        connectivity to one of our voice providers. Engineers are
        investigating at the moment.

        Outbound voice traffic will automatically fail over to
        another provider, however inbound traffic using 0844 and 0800
        numbers to the Freewire platform will currently be down.

14:10   Investigations are suggesting that this is being caused by a
        fibre fault and a case has been raised with AboveNet to
        investigate the issue.

14:37   Abovenet have confirmed that they have engineers in the area
        and are investigating the fault.


Circuit(s) / Equipment affected:

        Outbound call setup times are seeing an increase of a few

        Incoming 0844 and 0800 lines will be unavailable. Direct dial
        03 numbers are unaffected.