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Service providers

Service providers
Ticket #StatusTicket TitleTicket OpenedTicket Closed
00015OpenVoice interconnect to Global Crossing down13:57 11-May-2009
00014ClosedPerformance problems on Freewire TV service20:10 05-May-200922:40 05-May-2009
00013ClosedMulticast outage on JANET17:11 20-Apr-200913:38 21-Apr-2009
00012ClosedLoss of several TV channels14:34 19-Apr-200910:44 20-Apr-2009
00011ClosedAccount Database issues21:00 23-Feb-200900:09 24-Feb-2009
00010ClosedInbound calls to Freewire giving fast-busy tone16:07 05-Jan-200912:12 06-Jan-2009
00009ClosedIPTV Outage18:06 21-Sep-200814:25 03-Nov-2008
00008ClosedProblem using Freewire Top-Up cards to make PSTN calls19:03 16-Sep-200822:25 16-Sep-2008
00007ClosedDisk failure on middleware server10:16 17-Jul-200810:12 25-Jul-2008
00006ClosedLoss of several TV channels15:05 11-Jul-200810:18 30-Jul-2008
00005ClosedLoss of Freewire TV channels18:14 26-May-200814:14 31-May-2008
00004ClosedMulticast failure on EMMAN08:58 19-May-200813:06 20-May-2008
00001ClosedMulticast failure on EMMAN14:18 15-May-200809:10 15-May-2008

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