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Service providers

Wed, 08 Apr 2009

Firewall Settings for access to Freewire Services

Freewire Television

Freewire Television has two broad areas of communication with the Freewire servers - UDP Multicast for the video, and a combination of TCP and UDP for "control" information, such as the GUI, EPG, and Conditional Acccess keys.

By defining firewall rules using the ranges above, you are less likely to require changes as the freewire servers are upgraded to provide additional functionality and/or scalability. If you require more specific rules (e.g. specific channel group addresses), please contact Freewire support for the additional information.

Freewire Voice

The Freewire voice service is a SIP-based service and as such, each call has two components - a signalling portion and a media portion. Given that connections can be intiated into each SIP device or user-agent, Freewire uses a technique called registration keep-alives to keep NAT and PAT tables open with regards to connections. For firewalls, the following ports should be opened:

Finally, in addition to the above firewall port requirements, there are two further requirements:

Help or questions

Should you require any further assistance, please contact your account manager who can put you in contact with the Infrastructure team.

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